Good fortune and good results have led to positive changes and growth for Rebecca DeMarb, Brian Brophy, Kym Sebranek and the others of their firms.

Brian Brophy and Rebecca DeMarb met in the fall of 1994 as first-year law students and found common ground in their no-nonsense approach to life, the law and their determination to make a name for themselves by doing good work.

Kym Sebranek and Rebecca DeMarb met in 1998 as baby lawyers at Murphy Desmond S.C.  When Rebecca was just a year out of law school and Kym was a law clerk, they became fast friends, discovering a shared drive for quality, for compassion, and for competition.

Finally, it has all come together.  As of January 1, 2018, Brian and Rebecca are practicing as DeMarb Brophy LLC, and DeMarb Brophy LLC has entered into a strategic alliance and office share agreement with Eustice, Laffey, Sebranek & Auby, S.C. (“ELSA”).

Rebecca continues her work as a practical, results-driven advocate for businesses and individuals facing complicated financial realities.  She helps sell businesses and real estate, negotiate with banks and other lenders and, if necessary, prepare and file for bankruptcy protection.   Rebecca’s practice also includes serving as a receiver throughout Wisconsin in both state and federal court.

Brian continues his intense criminal and civil litigation and plaintiffs’ personal injury practice.  His clients benefit from an impressive record of acquittals, dismissals and favorable outcomes in the criminal arena, resolution to their civil litigation nightmares and righteous compensation for unjust personal injuries.  Brophy achieves results by listening to clients, and then finding and following the evidence.

At first glance, DeMarb and Brophy’s practices look different.  Yet, they share a commitment to the same core values.  They represent their clients without judgment and with compassion, excellence, responsiveness, honesty, and integrity.

DeMarb Brophy’s strategic alliance with ELSA has been decades in the making and it builds on these shared values.  It also offers DeMarb Brophy a bench of high-quality and well-respected attorneys to call on when their clients’ needs demand it.  It’s fair to say that the attorneys and staff of ELSA are enjoying their second location and joining DeMarb Brophy in their historic Capitol Square offices.

DeMarb Brophy takes great pride in being a referral-based law firm and continuously strives to achieve the most positive outcomes possible for the friends, family and clients having black days that you send to them.

Thank you for your loyalty and friendship.  We look forward to serving you, your friends, family, and clients in the future.