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Sometimes, despite our best efforts to reorganize or restructure a company without resort to formal proceedings, filing a bankruptcy for a company to protect it from its creditors becomes unavoidable.  In fact, sometimes filing a chapter 11 reorganization case may be the only viable option left to a company.

shutterstock_107413697 Fresh StartA bankruptcy case is like any other legal tool – it is best used only when it will be the most effective way to solve a company’s problems.  Like surgery in the medical field, filing a bankruptcy reorganization case is not called for or useful in every case.  But when employed judiciously, it is an effective and comprehensive tool to rehabilitate a troubled company.  In fact, sometimes just having a viable threat of bankruptcy, like having DeMarb Brophy as the company’s lawyers, can create the leverage for the company necessary to resolve matters out of court.

As noted in our Areas of Practice section, the team at DeMarb Brophy has valuable experience in a large number of industries and markets.  We are sensitive to the nuances of each segment of the market and of particular industries, and we understand how these nuances impact the solution to a particular problem.  The solutions we provide are always business solutions first, and are geared specifically to these nuances and differences in markets and industries.  As noted in our various bios, we are nationally recognized as experts in this field.