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The lawyers and staff of DeMarb Brophy LLC have decades of experience advising and representing businesses and individuals who find themselves in distress. We find solutions for businesses and individuals facing financial hardship and other personal hardships.  We file bankruptcy cases, work to sell business assets, serve as receiver, and represent clients in criminal and personal injury matters.

We are based in Madison, and practice throughout Wisconsin in both State and Federal court.  Other attorneys and professionals from around our region refer their business and individual clients to us for help because we are responsive, effective, and efficient. We find solutions within the framework of the legal environment, not the other way around. You will not wait for a response from us. We practice law caffeinated.  This is what we do all day, every day.

Please explore our practice area pages to see what our firm can offer you.


What does this logo mean?

The chemical symbol in our logo is the symbol for caffeine. Not only do we love a good cup of coffee, but we practice law fully caffeinated. You will not wait for us.